Mosquito DZ353 AZ-B

627 Sqn

  Date :  09 juin 1944   Mission :  Bombardement d'installations ferroviaires à Rennes (35)
        Décollage :  Woodhall Spa      
        Causes du crash :         
        Lieu du crash :  "La Cour" à Saint-Erblon (35)      
F/O Kenneth William GALE Nav RAAF 404241 KIA  DFC
F/Lt Harry STEERE Pil RAF 46016 KIA  DFC DFM

Distinguished Flying Medal.
"564959 Flight Sergeant Harry STEERE.
Flight Sergeant Steere bas destroyed three enemy aircraft and bas assisted in the destruction of three others. He bas displayed considerable coolness and gallantry in the face of the enemy, and bas at ali times set an example to his fellow pilots by his. devotion to duty."

The London Gazette of tuesday, the 25 JUNE, 1940

  Distingished Flying Cross
"Flight Lieutenant Harry STEERE, D.F.M. 46016), Royal Air Force, No 627 Squadron.
Recently, this officer piloted an aircraft detailed to attack gun emplacements sited on the French coast. In spite of continuous heavy anti-aircraft Fire, Flight Lieutenant Steere spent much time over the target area in order to identify accurately the precise target. Finally, his aircraft was struck by a shell which severely damaged the starboard elevator, forcing the aircraft into an uncontrollable climb. Displaying great coolness, Flight Lieutenant Steere promptly transmitted clear instructions to his deputy to assume control of the operation. He afterwards succeeded in regaining a measure of control and flew the damaged aircraft back to this country. He displayed a high degree of skill, courage and devotion to duty. This officer has completed a large number of varied sorties."
Fifth Supplement to The London Gazette of tuesday, the 20th of JUNE, 1944
Stèle à Saint-Erblon