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Lancaster LM163 CJ-J

625 Sqn

  Date :
3 août 1944
  Mission : Bombardement du site V1 de Trossy St Maximin (60)
        Décollage :
Kelstern à 11:36
        Causes du crash :
Abattu par la Flak
        Lieu du crash :
Région de Forges les Eaux (27) ??
Sgt Sylvester COTTAM
WOP A/G RAF 2206578 KIA  
Sgt A.B. GALLOWAY A/B RAF VR 1559085  POW  
F/O Arthur JOBSON Pil RAF 125462 POW  
F/Sgt Henry JONES F/Eng RAF 2210970  POW  
Sgt Joseph MADDEN A/G RAF VR 1528613 KIA  
Sgt J. MURRAY A/G RAF VR 1595009  POW  
F/O Andrew Gordon REED Nav RAF VR 153451 POW  



Lancaster ME839 AS-N

166 Sqn

  Date : 
3 août 1944
  Mission :  Bombardement du site V1 de Trossy St Maximin (60)
        Décollage : 
Kirmington à 11:30
        Causes du crash : 
Endommagé par les bombes d'un autre bombardier volant au-dessus
        Lieu du crash :  "Trossy" à St Maximin (60)
Sgt Lewis John ARTHUR
A/G RAF VR 1584922 KIA  
Sgt Henry Charles Jospeh BUCKLER WOP A/G RAF VR 1600800 KIA Inhumé à Creil (60)
Sgt John Richard DAVIES A/B RAF VR 1580941 KIA Inhumé à Creil (60)
Sgt Francis James GRAHAM A/G RAF VR 1585636 KIA Inhumé à Creil (60)
F/O William Samuel RICHARDS Nav RCAF J/28875 KIA Inhumé à Creil (60)
F/O Hubert A.L. WAGNER Pil RAF VR 174157 POW  
Sgt Sydney WITHAM F/Eng RAF VR 1622656 EVA  



Lancaster PA983 F2-A

635 Sqn

  Date :
3 août 1944
  Mission : Bombardement du site V1 de Trossy St Maximin (60)
        Décollage :
Downham à 11:07
        Causes du crash :
Abattu par la Flak
        Lieu du crash : "Les Longues Raies" à St Maximin (60)
A/G RAF VR 51349 KIA  
F/Lt Robert Walter BEVERDGE Pil RAF VR 170892 KIA  
F/Sgt Francis George Chaplin BROWN Nav RAF VR 1561578 KIA  
F/Lt John Gordon IRWIN A/B RAF VR 131135 KIA  
F/Lt Michael Ingoldsby MASSY Nav RAF VR 141336 KIA  
F/Sgt James John MATHER WOP A/G RAF VR 1042788 KIA  
Sgt John David SMITH A/G RAF VR 1813739 KIA  
F/Sgt Frank Cyril Victor TUCK F/Eng RAF VR 916863 KIA  



Lancaster ND811 F2-T

635 Sqn

  Date :
4 août 1944
  Mission : Bombardement du site de V1 de St Maximin Trossy (60)
        Décollage :
Dowham à 11:15
        Causes du crash :
Abattu par la Flak
        Lieu du crash : "Le Bois de Caillys" à Senantes (60)
S/Ldr Ian W BAZALGETTE Pil RAF VR 118131 KIA Victoria Cross Distinguished Flying Cross Inhumé à Senantes (60)
F/O Douglas CAMERON A/G RAF VR 146616 EVA Distinguished Flying Medal
F/Lt Geoffroy GODDARD
Nav RAF VR 158895 EVA  
F/O Charles Randall GODFREY WOP A/G RAF VR 146099 EVA Distinguished Flying Cross
F/Lt Ivan Alderwin HIBBERT A/B RAF VR 1498227 KIA Distinguished Flying Cross
F/Sgt Vernon Victor Russel LEEDER A/G RAAF 419272 KIA  
Sgt G.R. TURNER F/Eng RAF VR 1500098 EVA  
Victoria Cross
Acting Squadron Leader Ian Willoughby BAZALGETTE D.F.C. (118131) R.A.F.V.R. 635 Squadron (deceased)
"On 4th August, 1944, Squadron Leader Bazalgette was " master bomber" of a Pathfinder squadron detailed to mark an important target at Trossy St. Maximin for the main bomber force. When nearing the target his Lancaster came under heavy anti-aircraft fire. Both starboard engines were put out of action and serious fires broke out in the fuselage and the starboard main-plane. The bomb aimer was badly wounded. As the deputy " master bomber" had already been shot .down, the success of the attack depended on Squadron Leader Bazalgette and this he knew. Despite the appalling conditions in his burning aircraft, he pressed on gallantly to the target, marking and bombing it accurately. That the attack was successful was due to his magnificent effort. After the bombs had been dropped the Lancaster dived, practically out of control. By expert airmanship and great exertion. Squadron Leader Bazalgette regained control. But the port inner engine then failed and the whole of the starboard main-plane became a ass of flames. Squadron Leader Bazalgette fought bravely to bring his aircraft and crew to safety. The mid-upper gunner was overcome by fumes. Squadron Leader Bazalgette then ordered those of his crew who were able to leave by parachute to do so. He remained at the controls and attempted the almost hopeless task of landing the crippled and blazing aircraft in a last effort to save the wounded bomb aimer and helpless air gunner. With superb skill, and taking great care to avoid a small French village nearby, he brought the aircraft down safely. - Unfortunately, it then exploded and this gallant officer and his two comrades perished. His heroic sacrifice marked the-climax of a long career of operations against the enemy. He always chose the more dangerous and exacting roles. His courage and devotion to duty were beyond praise."
Sixth Supplement to The London Gazette of tuesday, the 14th of AUGUST, 1945

Distinguished Flying Cross
Pilot Officer Ivan Alderwin HIBBERT (149827), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 10 Squadron.
As air bomber, Pilot Officer Hibbert has participated in very many sorties and has displayed great skill, coolness and devotion to duty. On several occasions his aircraft has been damaged by enemy action but, unperturbed. Pilot Officer Hibbert has executed his bombing tasks with accuracy and determination. He has displayed great confidence throughout, setting a very fine example.
THIRD SUPPLEMENT to The London Gazette of FRIDYA, the 26th of NOVEMBER, 1943
Stèle à Senantes (60)
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