Wellington W5360 PH-U

12 Sqn

  Date :  07 juillet 1941
  Mission :  Brest (29)
        Décollage :  Binbrook à 23:25
        Causes du crash :     
        Lieu du crash : 
Guilers (29)      
F/Sgt Kenneth Charles AMY A/G RAF VR 902859 KIA  
S/Ldr Andrew George Gordon BAIRD Pil RAF 37031 KIA  
Sgt Thomas Oakley BURGESS WOP RAF 551290 KIA Distinguished Flying Medal
Sgt Charles Hepburn ROBSON Nav RNZAF 401290 KIA  
F/O William Francis WARD Obs RAF VR 22154 KIA  
F/O Stanley Page WATKINS A/G RAF VR 77968 KIA  
Distinguished Flying Medal
551290 Leading Aircraftman Thomas Oakley BURGESS
In May 1940, this airman was wireless operator air gunner of an aircraft engaged on a bombing raid on enemy troops. After the raid his aircraft was attacked by six Messerschmitt 109's. Leading Aircraftman Burgess immediately engaged the fighters shooting down one and possibly destroying another. In the engagement he received shrapnel wounds. He showed great courage and skill in face of a superior enemy force.
The London Gazette Friday, 21 june 1940