400 Squadron

"City of Toronto"

P51 Mustang AG577 P51 Mustang AP191    


401 Squadron


Spitfire BL849 Spitfire BM650 Spitfire MK284 Spitfire MK902


402 Squadron

"City of Winnipeg"

Spitfire BM152 Spitfire BS122 Spitfire BS130 Spitfire BS136
Hurricane BE472      


403 Squadron


Spitfire AR334 Spitfire AR368 Spitfire AR439 Spitfire BR986
Spitfire BS104 Spitfire BS120 Spitfire BS196 Spitfire BS246
Spitfire EN850 Spitfire MA573 Spitfire MA642 Spitfire MA665
Spitfire MJ876 Spitfire MJ784 Spitfire MJ988  


404 Squadron


Beaufighter LZ441      


405 Squadron


Halifax W7770 Halifax W7803 Halifax BB250 Halifax DT699
Lancaster DT745 Lancaster JB684 Lancaster ND352 Lancaster ND507
Lancaster ND526 Lancaster ND617 Lancaster ND881  
Wellington W5551      


406 Squadron


Mosquito MM708

Mosquito MM728    


408 Squadron


Halifax BB311 Halifax BB343 Halifax JB796 Halifax JD107
Hampden AD829 Hampden AT228    
Lancaster DS688 Lancaster DS726 Lancaster DS772 Lancaster LL637


409 Squadron


Mosquito MM510 Mosquito MM586    


410 Squadron


Mosquito DZ742 Mosquito HJ827    


411 Squadron

"Grizzly Bear"

Spitfire AB802 Spitfire NH195    


412 Squadron


Spitfire AA746 Spitfire BL471 Spitfire EE747 Spitfire MJ384
Spitfire MJ844 Spitfire MK576 Spitfire MK853  


414 Squadron

"Sarnia Imperials"

P51 Mustang AG525 P51 Mustang AM220 P51 Mustang AP261  


418 Squadron

"City of Edmonton"

Boston W8264 Boston W8284 Boston W8325 Boston W8351
Boston W8358 Boston W8394 Boston AL766  
Mosquito HJ830 Mosquito HR179    


419 Squadron


Lancaster BB283

Lancaster KB714 Lancaster KB726  


420 Squadron

"Snowy Owl"

Wellington HE550 Halifax LW476 Halifax LW674 Halifax LW692
Halifax NA505      


421 Squadron

"Red Indian"

Spitfire ?? Spitfire ?? Spitfire AB973 Spitfire LF217
Spitfire MH903 Spitfire MJ987 Spitfire MK796 Spitfire ML308
Spitfire NH415      


424 Squadron


Halifax LV959 Halifax LV961 Wellington BJ714  


425 Squadron


Halifax LL594      


426 Squadron


Halifax LW198 Halifax MZ690 Halifax NA510  


427 Squadron


Wellington BK343 Halifax DK255 Halifax LK976 Halifax LM135
Halifax LM165 Halifax LV938 Halifax LV985 Halifax MZ363


428 Squadron


Wellington HE656      
Lancaster DK196 Lancaster KB766    


429 Squadron


Halifax JD325 Halifax LV950 Halifax LW127 Halifax MZ362
Wellington BK162      


430 Squadron

"City of Sudbury"

Spitfire AG465 Spitfire AG591    
P51 Mustang AG455 P51 Mustang AM163 P51 Mustang AM174  


431 Squadron


Halifax LM572 Halifax MZ628    


432 Squadron


Halifax LW582 Halifax MZ591 Halifax NP687 Halifax NP699
Halifax NP701 Halifax NP706 Wellington LN285  


434 Squadron


Halifax LW173 Halifax LW436    


433 Squadron


Halifax HX353 Halifax LV966    


438 Squadron


Typhoon MN321 Typhoon MN426 Typhoon MN687  


439 Squadron


Typhoon MN533 Typhoon MN574 Typhoon MN401  


440 Squadron

"City of Ottawa and Beaver"

Typhoon MN307 Typhoon MN313 Typhoon MN793 Typhoon MP122
Typhoon MN929      


442 Squadron


Spitfire MK772 Spitfire MK826    


443 Squadron


Spitfire MK397 Spitfire ML303